Our mission during Arabian Travel Market was to raise awareness about medical tourism options in Poland. Together with the Polish Tourism Organization we’ve organized a beautiful stand to greet and meet all the guests
Riyadh Travel Fair was the busiest of all our exhibitions so far. Many visitors were very interested about Poland. Also, our cooperation with Saudi partners is the strongest in the region, that’s why we’ve had many important meeting, that will bring more patients to Poland.
We’ve attended the Kuwait Medica Exhibition for a second time in a row and it was a great opportunity to meet our friends and from last year and renew the connection. In addition to this we were invited by Dr. Jamal to his newly established clinic, where we exchanged our experiences and views
We kindly invite all our Saudi friends to come and meet us at Riyadh Travel Fair 2018, 10-13 April, 16.00-22.00 in Al-Faisaliah hotel, Al-Amir Sultan hall, our stand is G-5. It might be your first step to visiting the beautiful Poland!